How to reopen a facility hiring a cleaning service in Bangladesh

How to reopen a facility hiring a cleaning service in Bangladesh

No matter how clean your work environment is, you cannot stop the spread of this disease if all the employees do not develop proper habits. As we all know, covid-19 can spread through contact and enter your system through hands, mouth, and eyes. Not developing proper habits can end up biting you and force you and shut down your facility once again. So, making sure that the employees are developing proper safety habits should be a major concern if you are thinking of reopening.

Develop safe practices of cleaning service in Bangladesh

Here are some safety precautions and practices that you might consider implementing among the employees. We have mentioned some general safety habits, and you might need to add or subtract some depending on your work environment. So, keep that in mind.

  • Keep a hand sanitizer on every desk and make sure everyone is using it regularly.
  • Provide gloves and masks for employees before they enter the facility.
  • Keep windows open for a better ventilation system.
  • Move workstations or desks to create a safe distance in between them.
  • Limit touching doorknobs by having some doors open at all times.
  • Alternate workdays to reduce the pressure in your work environment
  • Keep things like keyboard, monitor, telephone always clean.
  • Limit social interactions as much as possible and arrange remote meetings if possible.
  • Allow sick leaves and work-from-home facility if any of the employees are feeling slightly ill.
  • Allowing a certain number of people to enter the lift at a time
  • Having markings where people would stand while people wait to enter the lift
  • Posting signs to remind everyone of having clean hands, wearing masks at all times, and maintain social distance

These are some common safety habits. But not all habits will apply to your work environment and, you might need to add a few more to the list as well.

Ensuring availability of sanitary equipment

The third and final step of reopening a facility is ensuring the availability of sanitary equipment. Having enough sanitary equipment is a prerequisite for developing safety habits.

After properly reopening the facility, you have to make sure that everyone has all the necessary sanitary pieces of equipment. You have to deliver face masks and gloves to everyone before entering the facility. After entering, they will be using desks and other equipment. Having sanitary wipes to keep them clean at all times can be quite helpful. You can also deliver hand sanitizers for each table for further safety.


Reopening’s a facility during a pandemic can be quite a hassle. But you can reduce that hassle and take the first major step towards opening your facility by hiring a reliable cleaning service in Bangladesh

But cleaning the workplace thoroughly might not be enough. So, you need to develop good safety habits and provide everyone the necessary sanitary equipment.

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