Cleaning Services in Dhaka Bangladesh
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cleaning services in dhaka

In a time where everything can be turned into a resource, it’s quite alright to think that waste and trash can be transferred too into some sort of revenue-generating scheme. That is where Company Cleaning Services in Dhaka come in.

What waste management systems do is that take your trash and move it, reduce it into an environmentally safe state. They may also take out reusable parts of your trash and recycle them into a new instrument.

How helpful Company Cleaning Services in Dhaka can be

Waste management is becoming increasingly popular day by day. Since a lot of resources in the world are used by recycling the products from which they were previously used in. For example, 90% of the copper and aluminum that are used in America are recycled.

Now everything, even saving the environment can be institutionalized with proper utilization of free-market policies. In the US and most of the world, the waste management business is monitored by some private institutions and overseen by government waste management policies.

However, the Government of Bangladesh has no strict guideline or hierarchy which clearly states which follows which. Are the private waste management companies supposed to be monitored by the respective city corporations? Or they are just private companies with no responsibility to define their course of actions to any authorities?

Now to most of us who reside in Bangladesh, the concept of “waste management” may seem a little lavish, because we are used to the unruly and monopolized eco-system of Dump yard and Garbage Men monitored by the government’s city corporation officials.

However, if you look up on Google you will find several private cleaning services offering cleaning and waste management services to your home and office.

Best Company Cleaning Services in Dhaka

According to Google, there are at least 17 independent cleaning services offering cleaning ups for your home and office.

In the list of Cleaners, the highest-rated company cleaning Services in Dhaka are the Clean heart.

They have the most amount of user reviews by customers, while most of them being very positive. According to Google, they also offer online estimates which helps an interested customer assess the costs of services he’s about to receive without contact with another person. They also provide a 24-hour long service to their beneficiaries.

The Clean heart also offers waste management. They also have commendable user reviews, however, they don’t offer 24-hour services so you’ll be in a jam if you ever need a cleaner in the still of the night. They are open till 8 PM, they also take online appointments for your ease of access.

Not only that it also cleans both your home and office for your convenience. Their website mentions nothing about online booking or cost estimation. They offer services till 11 PM which is pretty convenient once you look at it.

However, if you want, they offer yet another online estimation service with On-site office services. They are also open 24 hours a day. That is quite ideal for waste management and clean-up services.

The clean heart also has a smartphone app-based platform that attends to all forms of customer needs including cleaning services offered over various locations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has a lot to offer other than cleanups. They are a dedicated cleaning service that also has a handy payment system in which you can select the payment plan from various options. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

They have an option where you may choose from regular janitorial style cleanup to a massive redo of your upholstery. The best feature they offer is when you can opt to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with their levels of cleanup.

Truly, this is one of the best cleanup services available in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Cleaning Services in Dhaka offerings

For those who haven’t taken benefit of a cleanup service before, it is quite normal to have questions about how they operate or how do they provide services. The most basic cleaning service in Bangladesh include dusting and mopping. However, techniques may vary depending on the situation.

A home cleanup service may include

  1. Dusting the room’s curtains and cushions.
  2. Cleaning and sanitizing washrooms, toilets, toilet sinks, and shower.
  3. Cleaning the kitchen and kitchen drainage
  4. Wiping the surface dust from appliances such as Television, Computer monitor, TV, Fridge, and Oven
  5. Cleaning Mirrors and Windows and sanitizing them.
  6. Some may offer extra services like washing your clothes, doing your dishes and putting them away.

An Office cleanup service, however, is different from a home cleanup service. It requires to be snappy quick, and precisely clean. So, a reliable office cleanup service is necessary to do the cleanup job. An office cleanup may include

  1. Work area cleanup
  2. Common area cleanup
  3. Office Cubicle cleanup
  4. Dusting office fans and air conditioners
  5. Cleaning and sanitizing restroom, restroom sinks, kitchen, and reception. These processes will, however, include the traditional vacuum, dusting, mopping, and cleaning.

There are also services outside these stereotypes, for example cleaning up industries, hospitals, schools, colleges, and other institutions. Cleanup services offer anyone their services adjusting the size and effort of the cleanup by increasing and decreasing the cost required to do so.


So, in conclusion, it can be seen that the Company cleaning Services in Bangladesh are yet to become a widely available and popular service since there are a lot of people who don’t know about these services and the benefits they offer. It can be a great boon to startups who are looking forward to introducing it to mass people. Although they provide satisfactory services, they don’t have enough recognition. But in recent times, many commercial and a lot of households have been made aware of the services available and therefore they are taking the benefits from it. It can be a great way of boosting the morale of business into young people, and can be a job opportunity for many too!

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