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Rat control service

Rat Control service in Dhaka Bangladesh

About the Rat Control Service in Dhaka

To ensure the safety of your family and house, you can rely on our Rat control service in Dhaka according pest control company in Bangladesh . Rats are the creatures which seem little and innocent to look at but they are not innocent at all.

Mice and Rats are the common species of rodents which can enter your house through openings as small as a half of one inch.

They are disastrous creatures which have the ability to ruin significant family heirlooms, and even cause safety issues to your family by harming electrical wires which can cause fires.

They steal the peace of mind and create disturbance in life. Your family and home are not protected and safe in presence of these little rodents.

Why Rat Control Services include pest control in service Dhaka?

Residential Rodent problems are not only a disturbance pest control service in Dhaka and pest control service in Bangladesh, but also protect your family and especially children from health risks..

But you don’t need to worry about anything if you hire our professional rat control service team because we have expert and experienced workers in our professional team in getting rid of unwanted rat Infestation.

We provide residential rat control solutions which allow families to take the ownership of their house back. And have a healthy environment from inside and outside. You can trust on us for receiving the best rat control service BD for your home.

We take care of your home with great sincerity and ensure a healthy environment which is free from rats, mice and rodents.

Types of pest control service in Dhaka under this Rat Control Service in Dhaka

Voles, Mice, Rats, Gophers, Squirrels and Moles which are similar to each other. All of them create the same mess and harm to your house.

Delivery of service within 24 hours

When you have a lot of rats in your house running here and there, you will want it gone right now! You can count on our expert team to be at your house within 24 hours of your first call.

Our rat control service expert and pest control service in Dhaka will speak with you to understand the current scenario and major pain points.

Observation of Rat Control Service

We will then check your home for potential causes which resulted in the current state. Our team will inspect the additional rat related areas of concern.


After completing the inspection, our team will discuss and will recommend options for treatment with you.

We will hear your requirements and suggestions, if any, and then provide an affordable rat control and rodent removal estimate for your consideration .

Seal the Entry Point

After that, our expert team will jump into action. The 1st step in our process is to detect any potential entry points the rats can use to do the entry to your home.

Our team will provide needed treatment to all points of entry and seal your house from the unwanted rats and mice.

Trapping and Removal of the rats

Once the exterior of the house is secure, the next step in our process is to sincerely and carefully place traps around the house and if needed, additional areas of concern. We always try to use the most environment friendly and less violent trapping methods available to protect your family. Our traps or bait placements will be protected with a lock to prevent entry for kids and pets.

Follow-up Monitoring On Rats

After ensuring the security of your house and setting our baits & traps, we will perform regular check up on the traps and  treatments every 7-10 days. During the visit we will check and remove any rats that have been trapped or dead and check on entry points to ensure they are still secure. This stage of the process will generally take 4-6 weeks depending on the spread of rat infestation.

Completion of the procedure

Oir rat control treatment will end when we will have one week of inspection with no signs of rat activity. This includes all traps remaining empty, no new disturbance created, and no sign of rats such as noise at late night etc.

Maintenance of Rat control service BD

Proper maintenance and prevention are must to prevent the entry of rats again in the house. If you want us to give a regular visit once in a week or once in a month, we provide that service too. We have a   Maintenance Package, if you take that package,. you can be assured that your family and house will be safe and protected from rats year-round. Our rat Control service in Dhaka Bangladesh team will make regular visits to your home check on any potential rat threats. We have a variety of affordable pest and rat control packages for your convenience.


Rats spread many diseases and also create so many health issues. They create unwanted nuisance in the house. They are a continuous disturbance in your home. To get rid of rats, call us as possible and our professional rat control service in bd team will make your home safe and healthy again.

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